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Operation Provider began in 1989 when Holland Lowe, a community activist, and a Christian woman who became troubled by the problem of hunger in her mountain community. A resident of 35 years, Holland found herself disturbed by the profound lack of services to families in need as the community, largely known as a resort area, turned a blind eye to the social problems of hunger and the large population of families in need. Holland was troubled by the hunger she saw: Low income families collecting AFDC or SSI, seniors living on a fixed income, homeless people (including teenagers), disabled people, and single parents, the working poor, struggling to make ends meet.

The Mission of Operation Provider is to provide food, clothing, utility assistance, referrals and emergency assistance, a warm smile, a shoulder to cry on, a lending hand to families and individuals residing in the mountain communities of San Bernardino County. Operation Provider normally distribute groceries twice weekly from Operation Provider’s facility, centrally located in the mountain communities to over hundreds of families each week, adding up to well over 1,200 unduplicated clients per month. Operation Provider sheds light throughout the Holidays providing Turkeys and Baskets for Thanksgiving to about 350 families. On Christmas Day Operation Provider has an FREE Christmas Celebration with dinner and dessert and with entertainment. Every child will be given lots of toys by Santa himself. These toys are the only toys these children will receive for Christmas. This is what Operation Provider is all about to shed Love and Joy and Peace throughout Holland’s mountain community.

Since the fires of late 2003, the Old Fire Operation Provider has expanded programs to include Disaster Relief Services and have served over 2,000 unduplicated clients from the impoverished communities of Cedar Glen, Rim Forest, Valley of Enchantment, Crestline, Running Springs, Blue Jay, and Cedar Pines Park. Immediately after the evacuation ended, when everyone returned to our offices and reestablished an expanded version of our service provision as of November 6, 2003. The area was without electricity from October 25 until November 4, so all of the food Operation Provider had in the freezer had spoiled and had to be replaced. Thanks to the generosity of Los Angeles Times Family Fund/KTLA-5 Charities Fire Relief Campaign, Operation Provider was able to replenish the pantries and freezers and feed the hungry people of our community. In addition, with that grant money, Operation Provider was able to begin providing Disaster Relief Services to families affected by the disaster.

The Grass and Slide Fires, 2007, Operation Provider has provided groceries and clothing to over hundreds of people who were affected by the fires. These are people who were evacuated or have lost homes or damage to their homes or loss of jobs due to the 2007 fires, are underinsured, unemployed or underemployed, and come from various communities around the San Bernardino Mountains. Operation Provider has been able to provide these people with food, clothing, and emergency assistance, rentals, transportation gas vouchers, utilities, and temporary shelter with motel vouchers, gift cards. We are realizing, however, as Operation Provider strives to help those in need, the problems continue to exist because our community needs time to recover and heal. Operation Provider expects to indefinitely provide long-term recovery relief to these families.

Operation Provider is an organization (a place) where people can come to and find real help given, by volunteers who care. They will find the love of God there. This has become a long lived dream of Holland Lowe to have enough funding to keep the doors open to extend a helping hand to the hurting in her community.

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